How to use angle grinder

An angle grinder, also known as a grinder or disc grinder, is a hand-held power tool used for cutting, grinding, and polishing. The power unit of an angle grinder can be an electric motor, a gasoline engine or compressed air. The noise of the angle grinder is between 91 and 103 dB at the sound power level.

Angle grinders are basically used for cutting or grinding. There are many categories of angle grinding blades, used for various jobs and various materials, such as: cutting blades (diamond cutting blade), wire wheel brushes, diamond polishing pads, diamond sanding discs, woodworking saw blades, marble cutting blades, aluminum alloy cutting blades.


The angle grinder has a wide range of uses, and can be replaced with a variety of cutting discs and grinding discs. Different occasions require speed regulation, and the use of the speed controller is more extensive. Appearing in many foreign movies, cutting, grinding, rust removal… Metal processing is indispensable. Decoration: tile cutting, edging, large-scale carving, stone carving, root carving, wood carving, tea sea production, and can also be polished, aged, polished (such as with Diamond sponge polishing pads) and angle grinder, used as a small cutting machine, such as cutting specific Length screw, sharpened blade

Angle grinders are widely used in the metalworking and construction industries, as well as in emergency rescue work. Usually found in workshops, garages or auto repair shops. There are many types of angle grinders. To choose a suitable angle grinder, the most important factor is how big the angle grinder is and how powerful the motor is. Other factors can consider whether the power is electric or pneumatic, the speed and the size of the crankshaft. The larger the angle grinder, the greater the electric power requirement. There are many specifications for this angle grinder, and many companies in China can customize it for special requirements. The pneumatic angle grinder is usually relatively small, which is determined by the factors of the pneumatic angle grinder. The pneumatic angle grinder is relatively light and suitable for higher-precision work. The pneumatic angle grinder does not contain a motor and can work underwater. It is very versatile. Although the pneumatic angle grinder is small and lightweight, it is still powerful. Electric angle edging is often used for large, heavy-duty jobs. However, there are also small electric angle grinders and large pneumatic angle grinders.


How to use and precautions for angle grinder

The common angle grinders in our daily life include Dr., Dongcheng, Stanley, Lixiang, Hitachi, Tiehui, Gomez and so on. When using it, I will show you how to use it.

1. When operating, the operator should pay attention to whether the accessories are in good condition, whether the insulated cable is damaged, whether there is aging, etc. After the inspection, plug in the power before starting work.

2. During cutting and grinding operations, there should be no personnel or explosives within one meter around, and do not work in the direction of people to prevent casualties.

3. When the grinding wheel is used up and needs to be replaced, the power supply must be cut off to prevent accidental pressing of the switch, causing unnecessary personnel accidents.

4. When working with dangerous and flammable materials, more than two fire extinguishers must be equipped to prevent disasters. Do the principle of safety first and production second.

5. After using it for a long time of 30 minutes, you should stop resting for more than 20 minutes and wait until it cools down before you can work. In the process of long-term use, the temperature is too high, which is easy to damage and cause industrial accidents.

6. When using it, we must use it according to the operating specifications and instructions, and conduct regular inspections, maintenance, and work to ensure that it is in good condition, so as to reduce the occurrence of accidents.

It should be noted that the angle grinder is used for grinding, and the sawing function is not the original intention of the designer. Due to the high rotation speed of the angle grinder, the saw blade and cutting blade cannot be used with strong pressure, and hard materials with a thickness of more than 20mm cannot be cut. , It will damage items in light, and hurt people in serious cases! Please choose a high-quality saw blade with more than 40 teeth when using an angle grinder, and keep both hands to operate and take protective measures.

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Post time: Apr-21-2022