What is polished concrete floor

What is a polished concrete floor? Polished concrete floor, also known as tempered floor, is a new type of floor treatment technology made of concrete sealing curing agent and floor grinding equipment. It has been widely used in various industrial floors, especially factory floors and underground parking lots.

In real life, many people may have seen it, but they do not know the specific name of this kind of floor, so they may not pay attention to it, nor do they know that the floor under their feet is called polished cement floor. In fact, many people regard polished concrete as epoxy floor or terrazzo floor.


1. Epoxy floor is a kind of floor in which the coating is attached to the concrete after the concrete surface is coated with multiple layers, just like laying tiles. We didn’t touch real concrete, but polished concrete is a concrete-based floor. This kind of floor is a whole, which is essentially different from epoxy floor. The raw materials of the concrete sealing and curing agent directly penetrate into the concrete and produce a series of chemical reactions with the ground. After sanding, a complete polished concrete floor is formed.

2. When the ground concrete foundation is constructed, the terrazzo ground should be constructed together with the concrete. Polished concrete is built separately on a concrete foundation after completion. The hardness of the two is completely different.


Polished concrete, after hardening the ordinary floor with a hardener, can be polished to complete the construction work. You can also tint the ground to achieve the desired color and effect. In this process, without paving, the construction period will save a lot of time. Both old and new floors and wear-resistant floors can be easily constructed. So polished concrete is a kind of floor, different from epoxy and terrazzo, which is made of concrete sealant curing agent.

Post time: Apr-27-2022