How to Polish Tile with Resin Diamond Polishing Pads

We are often asked by Z-LION if the tiles can be refurbished? The answer to this question is naturally yes, because from a scientific point of view, the final finish of any object can be refurbished, it just depends on whether it has the value of refurbishment. Refurbishment is for the ceramic tile to maintain its beautiful effect for a long time and to be more durable. Of course, it is worth refurbishing. If you want the tile to show the most beautiful effect, in addition to refurbishment, you have to use zlion resin diamond polishing pads to polish it.

resin polishing pads


For example, the polished tiles in ceramic tiles are made of clay, and the price is relatively cheap. If such tiles are to be refurbished, it is not cost-effective from the perspective of cost. Of course, it is not recommended to renovate. However, among the ceramic tiles, some are vitrified tiles or glazed tiles. With the extension of the use time, various problems will occur. From the perspective of cost, renovation of such tiles It is more affordable than replacing tiles, so it is naturally recommended to refurbish.

Today, Z-LION will give you a detailed answer to the common problems of ceramic tiles, how to choose whether to renovate, and the process of refurbishment.

There are two common problems with floor tiles:

1: Mildew and blackening of tile gaps

Because of the accumulation of dust in the gaps between the floor tiles, it is easy to mold over time. In traditional tile construction, cement is often used to replace caulk, and some do not even use caulk, which will naturally leave gaps. In the early stage, as long as a good caulking agent is used in the construction of the tiles, the problem of mildew in the gaps between the tiles can be completely prevented. The most appropriate time to use the caulking agent is within 48 hours after the tiles are pasted. Before construction, the grit of the brick joints should be removed, and the ventilation and air should be kept dry, and then the caulking agent should be pressed into the gap like a batch of soil. Then clean the rest of the brick surface.


2: The surface of the tile is dull and dull

Since the tiles are assembled, baked and pressed from aggregates, binders and pigments, most tiles use clay or quartz sand as aggregates, and they are not as rich in minerals as the stone. Therefore, due to the influence of minerals and set distribution, the hardness of the ceramic tile is relatively low, which is easy to scratch, not wear-resistant, and causes the stone to be dull and dull.


Diamond wet polishing pads

Refurbishment method steps:

Tools needed: tile refurbishment machine, diamond polishing pads, tile beautifier, cutter, vacuum cleaner

1. Cleaning: first clean the tiles

2. Protection: Seal the furniture or the corner board to avoid getting dirty.

3. Slitting: Use a cutting machine to cut the gap evenly, and then absorb the dust in the seam to ensure that the gap between the tiles will not turn black

4. Protection: Apply oily penetrating protective agent to the surface of the tile to make the marble waterproof.

5. Beautiful seam treatment: use tile beauty seam agent to make beautiful seam treatment on tiles

6. Grinding: Use a grinding machine to add a diamond grinding disc, and grind it in the order from coarse to fine until it throws a luster.

7. Crystallization: Use special imported ceramic tile crystallization powder, with polishing pad, to crystallize the surface of the ceramic tile. Remember: all the grinding discs used must be ground and polished according to the model above the grinding discs from coarse to fine.

Post time: May-25-2022