Magnetic adapter for HTC floor grinders

Z-LION PJ2 magnetic adapter for HTC floor grinder is a tool holder with magnets to adapt metal diamond grinding and polishing tools to HTC floor grinders easily and quickly. The lip and the guide pin help to hold the diamond tools in place. When you want to use the 3inch 10 segment diamond grinding pucks on HTC floor grinders, this magnetic adapter that comes with HTC wing plate will make it possible.

  • Model No: ZL-PJ2
  • Diameter: 3"
  • Material: Steel+Magnet
  • Function: Quick change
  • Connection: HTC wing plate
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    Product Introduction

    Diameter is 3" (83mm).
    3 of strong and reliable magnets to snap diamond tooling tightly, lippage cup to secure inserted diamond tooling in place with the assistance of guide pins.
    The gap on the edge for easy removal of inserted diamond tooling with a screw driver.
    HTC wing plate on the back to fit HTC floor grinding machines.
    This magnetic adapter enables the use of 3inch diamond grinding pucks that is designed for other brand of grinding machines on HTC grinders.
    The quick change magnet system is faster and easier for diamond tools to be inserted or removed from grinding head without the use of screws or other connections in conventional systems. No more time wasted on tool change.
    With magnetic adapters you can eliminate duplicated inventory so as to save cost. Instead of stocking every type of diamonds for different brand of grinders, now you just need to own a set of magnetic adapters for each brand of grinders and simply choose the proper adapter when you want to switch to that brand of grinder.

    Product Advantages

    Z-LION Magnetic adapters enable the use of one diamond on different floor grinders. Lower inventory of diamond tools greatly and save cost. The special features of ZL-PJ2 magnetic adapter for HTC grinders are as follows:
    Designed for HTC floor grinding machines. The wing plate is connected to lippage cup via bolting instead of welding, ensures durability of the adapter. The wing plate on the back fits HTC grinders perfectly.
    Thanks to 3 strong magnets, the lip and the guide pin, the adapter can hold diamond tools on the adapter tightly.
    With this HTC magnetic adapter, you can now run any 3inch diamond grinding pucks which come with metal back under a HTC floor grinder.
    With magnet system instead of traditional screw system, you can change tools in seconds.
    The adapter is generally made of steel and can be made of aluminum as well.
    The diameter of the adapter is 83mm and can be customized upon customer request.
    The HTC wing plate on the back can be changed to Lavina wedge-in plate, Husqvarna redi-lock, Scanmaskin dovetail etc. to fit Lavina, Husqvarna and Scanmaskin floor grinders.

    Model No. ZL-PJ2
    Diameter 3"
    Material Steel+Magnet
    Function Quick change
    Connection HTC wing plate

    Product Applications

    Magnetic adapters are widely used to adapt diamond tools which is designed for other brand of grinders to a specific grinding machine. ZL-PJ2 magnetic adapter for HTC grinder is to adapt metal back 3inch grinding pucks to HTC floor grinders.

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